porn ruin your sex life $ brain?

by watching porn one become dissatisfied with their regular partner.

porn can dull your ability to lease and be pleased by, your partner.

too much stimulation of the brains may dangerous .

sex and mating circuitry obs-tracts the mammalian instinct toward monogamy.

why we spent time and money to make database of is a called Coolidge effect .

because of porn,man and female jerk off to images than have sex that’s the problem .

dopa mine is the hook in all addictions.

too much stimulation actually numb the pleasure response of your brain.

the reality is that neuro chemically induced dissatisfaction deep in the brain is urging you to seek more stimulation.

libido thermostat has been readjusted , you feel restless more of the time.this effect is called “tolerance”.

addiction process at work in the brain.

by watching porn we are getting into “copulatory impotence”. means you for porn not to partner.

intercourse has more beneficial than masturbation

daily warm touch between couples benefits men by lowering blood pressure.

fantasy based on pornography create stress, hollow mind and unstable & unsatisfying.

your brain always urges you to focus on the option that releases the most dopa-mine. it doesn’t care what best for your stress and for health.


brain responds from information  received from the eye quicker than from any other source.

internet? problem now days

whenever we use Internet 99% must watch porn and end with porn.

porn is become synonymous for internet for all now. this is a problem what we do? 

today internet situation .

pornography eats away at the inner soul.

pornography leaves you with self depression, frustration, discouragement , hopeless, hollowed and fatigue.

todays young people situation—

“whenever i log into the internet i must view porn.”

james olds(psychologist)

discovered that it is of addiction , our pleasure centers(addiction views)are housed in the mid-brain

or limbic system  , which is not under the direct control of the conscious mind or the frontal cortex.

frontal cortex keeping us active and this part function at the subconscious level that’s why we mostly complaining about night fall mostly in man.

when one views pornography there are a whole cocktail of pleasure chemicals released in the limbic regions

of the brain.

such chemicals as dopamine,norepinephrine, oxytocin, and serotonin bind the brain to seek certain behaviors that will produce a euphoric feelings state.

neuroscience has shown that all addictions both drug and natural are caused by a deficit of dopamine in the reward system.

brain can heal itself.




 wake up early in the morning before sun rise and talk morning walk in cold morning breeze that’s good for recovery 

100% tested..


  1. if one has deep desire to change it is not only possible but probable .
  2. it is needed proper therapy to heal this .
  3. porn addiction is a disorder of pathological decision making to get rid off from this always happy and believe in other good work
  4. strengthening pre-frontal cortex to mange it more effectively .


crime like spying , peeping , touching ,teasing ,molesting ,lie, multiple relationship is just few its only becuse of urge for more porn and satisfication it lead the victim to criminal…



sexual addiction is described as a progressive intimacy disorder characterized by compulsive sexual thoughts and acts


sex addicts as per study can involve in illegal activities such as voyeurism , exhibitionism , obscene phone calls

child molestation and rape.

consequences of sexual addiction may he devastating to not only the addict but also those close to him /her.

it can leave an addict isolated, immensely anxious , depressed , low esteem , hopeless , shame and despair.




if your sexual behaviour is exhausting your time and energy and it causes you to compromise your core vaules

and the beliefs that you hold dear to your heart then there is cause for alaram.

aphrodisiac food— stimulates sexual desire.

thyroid hormones and sexual hormones have high risk and faces lot of problems.

estrogen and progesterone are common female sexual hormones.

testosterone and androgen are male hoormones.


  1. asparagus
  2. saffron flowers
  3. strawberries
  4. drumstick
  5. red chilies
  6. almond
  7. onion
  8. garlic
  9. mango
  10. amla
  11. aloevera
  12. cheese & cow ghee only
  13. banana
  14. orange
  15. apple
  16. figs
  17. Pomegranate


feels desire to look at it again when he sees a sex scene in  a film.something as plain as a TV ad or a magazine

at the grocery store can lit off the triggers to look again. so how does one know  to cure porn?

narrow line that for too many men walk of mitigating their behavior.

getting over  porn is not as easy as saying that he no longer looks at nude pictures for the reason that

a swimsuit ads can trigger the same chemicals in the brain as porn.

they (addict) lie to themselves about what they are doing?

will power the only hope for recovery.

a problem cannot solved by the same mind that created it.

dopa-mine increased mental alertness and awareness.

dr fisher said ” male college students think just as much about food and sleep as they do about sex.”


limbic circuits control almost all bodily functions.

the lim bic systems job is to keep you alive and reproducing .

it does this by avoiding pain and repeating what is pleasurable.

its where you fall in and out of love, or lust.

your world revolves around dopamine neurochemical player behind  falling in and out of love is dopamine.

dopamine nearly drives all your behaviors.

the more dopamine you release and the more your reward circuit is activated the more you want or crave something

dopamine is like the booster which make us go after the goal its our responsibility to use the good way.


food and sex are known as ” natural reinforce rs “. they aren’t drugs b ut our brains light up for them so we reach

for more without thinking.

pornography can steal our attention from soothing connections with real people, but also hook us. heavy porn use sometimes discourages the user’s pursuit of friendly interaction with others.

your vision for real world change

struggling with real girl

performance on bed goes down

tastes shifted time to time.

wicked thought make mind wandering

the more you scratch the more itch

be safe after watching porn you really not trust ful with real girls